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Dinara Mirsaidova: Singer, Performer, Entertainer, MC & DJ

Dinara Mirsaidova is a singer and performer. She leads Dinara Group as the manager in charge of booking entertainment, MC's, bands, and dancers for weddings, private and corporate events throughout the United States and vacation destinations. Dinara Group is located in New York, NY.


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Tel. 631-398-7673



“Life is an opportunity and I benefit from it.
Life is beauty and I admire it.
Life is a dream and I'm realizing it.
Life is a challenge and I'm ready to meet it.
Life is a duty and I will complete it.
Life is a game, so I'm playing it.
Life is a promise and I'm fulfilling it.
Life is sorrow and I will overcome it.
Life is a song that I'm singing it.
Life is a struggle, I accept it.
Life is a tragedy, I confront it.
Life is an adventure and I dare it.
Life is luck, so I make it.
Life is life, I will always fight for it.”


    DinaraGroup - International Wedding Singer                                                               

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